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The early formative years play a pivotal role in the flowering period of a child. Obviously, a child’s mind is very impressionable. Hence receptive during the school days, whatever the child receives will be strongly ingrained in the mind. Therefore at Al-Ameen we believe that children are like clay and it is our duty to indoctrinate them in the right manner. To make them the future helmsmen of our country here is a blend of utilitarian and aesthetic education.

The talented teachers at AL-Ameen firmly believe in living the role of facilitators and provide intense learning opportunities to the young learner’s through real classroom situations. This would encourage an inquisitive mind – sure to make learning an enjoyable experience. Employing innovative techniques of pedagogy, we help the child to spread their wings of creative imaginations, especially through concentrated efforts enabling the child to touch the zenith of their potentials finally leading to preparation to excel in all walks of life. We impart moral, religious and spiritual education thus fostering the strength of character.